The Purple and Gold Will Always Hold: West Chester University Football

In 2013, West Chester University's football team had an extraordinary season, but this is only the most recent remarkable story in the history of organized football at this regional state school. Before the Golden Rams were even Golden Rams, a live dog served as the mascot, a legendary coach inspired the campus, and a former quarterback inspired the world. 

Not every season can be a championship, but each has its own memories and signficance, that remind us that, "there's always next year!"

Recently Added Items

  • Homecoming Parade, 1979

    By the late 1970s, West Chester's "Rampage" tradition had transitioned into the now familiar Homecoming festivities, with the annual parade.

  • First Rampage

    The 1957 Serpentine reported on the first "Ram Page" event organized by the men's club the Friars. It became an annual celebration, West Chester's…

  • Busting Through!

    1964 West Chester football game celebrating Rampage, the college's Homecoming event.