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Beyond the Page: An Introduction to Digital Humanites
In this course we will approach emerging trends and technologies in new media with the same critical awareness we have developed with regard to the book—another fairly recent technology in the history of human cultural interaction. Surveying representative work at the forefront of the digital metamorphosis in the humanities, our course will work to understand the reciprocal effects of digital culture. We’ll look closely at a few manifestations of digital humanities—digital archives, social organization, and digital pedagogy— and examine some of the core methodologies and technologies: XML and SQL databases, along with the aesthetics of presenting that data. We’ll read some philosophical and critical essays to help us think about the underlying epistemological considerations, the ontological assumptions, and the role of aesthetic representation in digital presentations of culture. Students will participate in discussions, write analyses of texts and technologies, and produce either a term-paper or a digital humanities project. Welcome!



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